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Weave Hairstyles Ideas 2014 For Women

Here we will share weave hairstyles ideas 2014. There are many women that are in love to view their hairs in the weaviness formations. In the past the women used to straight her long hairs but now this trend has been complete changed. Now there are majority of the women that are giving away the feel of showing the weave in their hairs on greater scale. Hence weave hairstyles are divided into diverse categories and for explaining out all such types in the below article we will going to put light on the best and famous weave hairstyles ideas 2014 for women.

Weave Hairstyles Ideas 2014 For Women

Weave Hairstyles Ideas 2014 For Women 0013

1. Bonded:

On the very first we have the bonded hairstyle idea that is known as being one of the best weave hairstyle ideas 2014 for women. This is one of such hairstyles that can view out as ideal for the women of all the ages. It is one of the least lasting hairstyles that can just resist for 1 month until it would demand to get replaced. It is finished with the attachment of glue over the scalp.

2. Braided:

Braided weave hairstyles is normally added with the two step methods. It is even braided over the section of middle of the scalp and afterwards the weaves gets glued in the braids. This type of weave hairstyle can last for around two months.

3. Fusion:

On the last we have fusion! This is one of the longer lasting hairstyle ideas for the waviness that can exist for almost 3 months. In this process we have the waxing of the hair weave for giving it the feel of being natural hairs.

Well whether it is about the natural hairs or the hair extensions both of them need the care and attention on larger terms and conditions. You have to make the use of best conditioner and shampoo for its proper maintenance. So here we have all ended up with the best weave hairstyle ideas 2014 for women! Make your favorite choice of weave hairstyle 2014 right here right now and we are sure that you will going to fall in love with yourself.

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