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Khaadi Collection

Khaadi Collection 2013 for Men, Women and Kids

Khaadi is an international company spreading the magic of creativity and colors all over the Pakistan, UAE and the Middle East. Most of the people like to enjoy Khaadi collection, not because it’s a brand, but the reason is their exclusive range of clothing for men, women and kids. They are facilitating the whole family dressing under one roof since 1998. They have preserved the ancient trend of hand woven collection which includes; dresses for females, male members and kids range along with this they have excelled in home textiles especially bed sheets, fabrics and some creative accessories.

Khaadi Collection

Khaadi has never put a full-stop on innovation, every time the amaze the eyes with their exceptional creativity, finishing in the work and affordable price ranges. One of the most important reasons to prefer Khaadi collection is the comfort they provide. They portray comfortable collections that make you trendy as well as glamorous by keeping your ease in mind.

Khaadi Collection

In Pakistan, Khaadi has spread its gleaming network in Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujarat, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Sialkot and Azad Kashmir, but the fact is that it is not only ruling the hearts in these 11 cities, but also in all other big, small cities of Pakistan. People move from one city to another with a purpose of shopping, then Khaadi is always on the focus.

Khaadi Collection

Khaadi collection is always breadth-taking and 2013’s collection is never less than their other collections. This year Khaadi has modernized the hearts men too with marvelous collection with attention grabbing discounts. All the stuff in the Khaadi collection is guaranteed, they never display low quality products.

Khaadi Collection

Khaadi is not behind in fashion, when it comes to kids. Khaadi has introduced a special range of dressing for kids. Fill up the innocent faces of your kids with fun and groom their personality with decent dressing.

Khaadi Collection

If you want to be an eye catching personality, you need to look different and Khaadi collection provides you a complete range for your diversity in dressing as well as style. Keeping the latest fashion trends in mind, Khaadi is providing you fabric with matching sleeves, lace and glittery buttons too. The price also rises because of extra essentials that give your dress a fabulous change. The fabric they provide you is good enough to do stitching in any way you want. The prints and embroidery of their clothing is so decent that it becomes irresistible for a person to stay away from buying.

The models in Khaadi Collection 2013 are: Nadia Ali, Cybil Chaudhry and Ayaan. The photographer’s name is: Ather Shahzad while the hair styling and make-up artist is: Nighat Misbah (Diplex Beauty Salon).

A Khaadi collection for Eid 2013:

So, fill up your vibrant Eid collection with modish dresses that could provide you classy look.


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