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Eid Hairstyles Girls 2013 (2)

Eid Hairstyles For Girls 2013

Hairdos play an important in grooming your personality or you may say your personality relies on your hairstyles. Latest Eid hairstyles for girls 2013 are now available here with different innovative ideas. You can learn easy Eid hairstyles girls 2013 with help of this article. Even if you have short, medium or long hair, you will get almost all sorts of Eid hairstyles girls 2013 here. Hairstyles keep changing along with seasons and each and every girl wishes to look different yet glamorous and fashionable at occasions and especially when it is about Eid, they cannot compromise at all. So girls! Do not worry about your hairstyles this Eid since we have brought fashionable and stylish Eid hair hairstyles girls 2013 to make you look perfectly gorgeous and glamorous. As you all know that that long hair is in vogue and it is a trend which will never fade away. So girls with long hair out there have plethora of options and opt any hairstyle of their choice. But those of with short or medium hair, do not worry as we have some ideas for you as well.

Eid Hairstyles for Girls 2013
Eid Hairstyles for Girls 2013
Eid Hairstyles for Girls 2013
Eid Hairstyles for Girls 2013

Eid Hairstyles For Girls 2013

  • If you have long hair then you may style your some of your hair in a side braid. Make a bun in middle of your back head above your nape with the rest of the hair. And then wrap this side braid around your bun. You may use U-shaped baby pins to fix your bun and the braid.
  • You may make top knot hair style. In this hairstyle the hair on front are folded to one side and the rest of the hair is tide into a pony tail. The pony tail further is folded using pins forming a ball.
  • Another hairdo that you may adopt this Eid is a wavy look. You may twist your hair giving them wavy look and fold them into one another. It gives a jazz look yet tremendously classy. To make it more stylish you may take your hair back loosely and pin them from both sides.
  • Another idea to look the most glamorous one in the gathering side braid. As it is summer season so you may tie up your hair in side braid by parting your hair into two parts and take each strand from each part putting to the other one. In this way your side tail will be prepared.
  • Side pony tail is also something that would not ever fade away. To make this hairdo you need to straighten your hair first as it will not look good on rough or wavy hair. Take your hair to one side and tie them in pony tail.
    Eid Hairstyles for Girls 2013
    Eid Hairstyles for Girls 2013

So these were some ideas for Eid hairstyles girls 2013. You may also make an updo hairstyle if you wish so. Or making a bump on the crown is also a good idea. Whatever hairdo you make, do not forget to accessorize it with beautiful pins and bands. You may also se flowers to make your hairstyle more classy and trendy. Just try out these hairstyles and make your Eid memorable this year!

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