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Easy Nail Art Designs and Ideas for Beginners

Without wasting any time on telling you the classiness and panache of nail art you all know that well. Let’s directly jump to the tips for the nail art designs and ideas for the beginners. So, learn some basic techniques and then maintain a little preciseness while creating nail art.

Nail Art Designs

Here some basic instructions for the beginners before creating the real nail art.

  • The foremost important step is to apply a base nail color on all the nails and that base nail color should be in lighter shade such as green, pink, blue or even black if you wish to have dramatic nail art. Let it be dried before applying the second coat.
  • The next step is to choose which nail art do you wish to paint. If you have your own creative ideas then you may use them and if not, then you may find some easy nail art ideas by online pictures. And if you don’t get any idea then this article also contains some of the nail art designs in the later part.
  • Now use a nail art pen. Fill it with the color that you want to create pattern with and goes with the selected theme. If you don’t have a nail art pen, then you can make a con using plastic sheet and fill it with nail color and start using it as the pen.
  • The second layer of nail color must be completely dried and if you cannot wait then you may use hair dryer keeping a bit distance and dry your nail color.
  • Once all the above mentioned steps are done, finish with final coat of transparent nail polish. Yu may also apply a transparent nail polish which has shine for a glossier nail art look.
Nail Art Designs
Nail Art Designs
Easy Nail Art Ideas
Easy Nail Art Ideas
  • Easy Nail Art Ideas and Designs for Beginners (7)

Easy Nail Art Designs and Ideas 

Now you know how to do all this stuff, so you can opt from any of the designs described below. Check them out…

  • Abstract

You may try some classy shapes for the easy nail art ideas. With a base coat of any light shade, y may paint any sort of shape on each nail. You may draw geometrical shapes, circles, triangle, abstract lines, stars etc.

Abstract Nail Art
Abstract Nail Art
  • Polka Dots

This style is easiest to create. On any base coat lighter or darker, you may randomly plot polka dots of opposite shade. For instance if you are having a dark colored base coat like black, then he dots should be in some light color like pink or white.

Polka Dots Nail Art
Polka Dots Nail Art
  • Sparkle

If you are not good in painting r lacking the nail art pen then get some mini stickers of stars or spark in the dark shape stickers. Then stick these mini stickers on the base coat and relish this instant and easy nail art. You can have other shapes as well like circles, squares etc.

nail art designs
Sparkle Nail Art
  • Animal Prints

This nail art design is easiest to do in terms of stripes. You can do diagonal, horizontal or vertical stripes or curvy small stripes. You can have the stripes and multi-color or zebra color or whichever you like the most. Apply three different colored nail polishes on your nails and then using your nail art pen; create the curvy stripes on your nails.

nail art designs
Animal Print Nail Art
  • Flowers

If you are a nature lover, then you may go for small cute flowers with a base coat of your own choice. But keep one thing in mind, to accentuate your nail art you must use contrasting colors for the base coat and the nail art paint.

nail art designs
Flowers Nail Art

Some More Easy Nail Art Ideas

If you find the above mentioned designs difficult then you may try some other ideas too. You may try splitting the nails vertically, horizontally, or diagonally with two colors. To make this sort of design firstly apply the light nail color and then the other half with dark color. You may also try some stars, planet shapes or even alphabets too. You may write your name in such a way that each letter is written on each nail and form your name when put together.

nail art designs
Easy Nail Art

These were some simple yet easy nail art designs to make your nails more stylish and classier. Try out these exciting designs and enjoy your nail art.


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